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Submarine Seahawk 1958 American war movie

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The 1950s and 1960s were the golden era for independent productions in United States - anyone with some money could have been director, producer or both (let’s not forget that greatest works of Ed Wood Jr were made in those times). Of course most of those productions were cheap scifi movies not really worth a second look, but war movies were a bit of a challenge for the amateur film makers - you actually need some sets and some models or war-era footage to show the action scenes.

During patrol somewhere on Pacific Ocean during World War 2 submarine USS Seahawk spots a Japanese destroyer. It would not be anything unusual, but in that part of the ocean they usually met only older classes of destroyers or smaller warships, so Commander Stoker begins to wonder why they spot a new destroyer in the area. After sinking the enemy ship they contact base and are ordered to return back to Pearl Harbor. During the voyage Stoker informs his second in command, Turner, that he will not be recommending him to the superiors as potential new captain of another boat, mostly because Stoker sees the problems a very by-the-book and very serious Turner have in creating bond with the crew. On arrival to Pearl Harbor Stoker meets his superior to receive the new orders, but the orders are quite surprising - USS Seahawk is given task of finding a group of about 30 Japanese warships that American intelligence cannot account for, thus the boat will leave in the morning. The second part of the orders is that Turner will take over the command of the sub while Stoker will remain in Hawaii headquarters. For both men it is a surprise, especially since Turner was thinking about living active service to take some desk job. Now he will have to gain the trust of his crew.

Submarine Seahawk was a really low-budget production and it shows on every step - from the papier-mache torpedoes that are being loaded into tubes to only small bits of sets showing the whole boat. The script was not much better, the action scenes are not the strong point of the movie... The only plus side of that project was that it wasn’t another poor quality scifi flick of the 1950s.

Submarine Seahawk 1958 American war movie world war 2 movies american submarine

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