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The McKenzie Break

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There were many war movies showing Allied prisoners of war trying to escape through tunnels from German POW camps during the war, but there were very few showing what it looked like in opposite situation. The McKenzie Break is one of those very few examples - German officers are trying to escape from camp located in Scotland, and no, they do not try to escape through tunnel.

The situation in McKenzie prisoners of war camp in Scotland is tense - German officers kept inside are trying to provoke guards and the camp commander, Major Perry, is worried that soon it can escalate into something worse. He has to worry - out here, far from any army units the guards are outnumbered and the leader of the prisoners, submariner Captain Willi SchlĂĽter, is well aware of that. SchlĂĽter is running some sort of psychological warfare hoping that British will make a mistake that will allow prisoners to escape. Perry was hoping to get reinforcements from HQ, but all he got is single officer, Captain Jack Connor, who will temporarily take over command and will try to ease the situation in the camp. Soon after arrival Connor sees how Germans are trying to intimidate the guards and, while avoiding the open confrontation, he tries to figure out what SchlĂĽter is up to.

While it isn’t great war movie it shows one of the less remembered episodes of World War 2 - the events in which the Germans were trying to escape from POW camps. With decent plot and tense atmosphere it is interesting thriller set during World War 2.


  • Film is loosely based on escape attempts from POW camps in Grizedale Hall, Cumbria and Bowmanville, Canada.

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