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The War Devils 1969 Italian war movie

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In 1960s and 1970s Italian cinema was full of innovative and challenging creators, but on the other side of the scope there were productions like The War Devils - cheap, simple and cheap. The magic formula was simple - take script of another movie, simplify it, add scenes taken from another movies, throw in some meaningless dialogues and some action scenes and voila - the Italian pulp dish is ready to be served.

American forces in Northern Africa are ready to start the major push, but there is one thing that could stop them: battery of naval guns capable of destroying tanks from many miles away. To make things even worse the guns are installed inside the cave on the mountain side, which makes it impossible to destroy them from the air or through artillery barrage. The only option available is attack of the paratroopers behind enemy lines, which is risky and has no guarantee of success. Nevertheless Colonel Steele and his unit are dropped near the oasis close to their target, but from that point they will have to fight their way towards the guns.

Typical Italian war movie of the era - based on somebody else’s idea (yes, you guessed it - The Guns of Navarone), contains scenes "borrowed" from another movie (The Battle of El Alamein) and a lot of meaningless action scenes and poor qualities dialogues. Overall an average production with not much to offer.


  • In the Spanish version of the film the part of Colonel Steele was played by Spanish actor Luis Induni, instead of Anthony Steel.

The War Devils 1969 Italian war movie world war 2 movies

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