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The Winds of War 1983 American historical drama

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The Winds of War and its second part, War and Remembrance, were based on Herman Wouk novels describing the turmoil of World War 2 by showing Henry family that was scattered throughout the world by the events that started in 1939 in Berlin.

In 1939 experienced naval officer Victor ’Pug’ Henry arrives to Berlin, where as intelligence officer he will be an attaché to US embassy. While together with his wife he attends dinner parties and have courtesy meetings with Wehrmacht officers his mission is to learn about the situation in Europe. Recent annexation of Czechoslovakia and talks with British put the American intelligence at easy - everyone is convinced that Hitler won’t make another move. Pug soon learns that is far from truth - despite seemingly peaceful outlook German army is preparing for another operation.

Pug’s report, describing his suspicions ends up on president Roosevelt’s desk, but when it is too late. On 1st September Germans invade Poland and Pug is recalled to Washington to meet with the president. But his mind is in Poland, where his son Byron was attending a wedding together with his Jewish fiancée Natalie and now they are both in danger.

American TV series that concentrated on the Henry family, but managed to show the important events on political and military levels that took place between 1939 and the attack on Pearl Harbor, while War and Remembrance was presenting rest of the World War 2. As political drama it is well made and involving, but some of the elements of the story that concentrated on the family matters made it lose the pace.


The Winds of War 1983 American historical drama world war 2 movies world war 2 American navy

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