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Too Late the Hero 1970 American war movie

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During late 1960s and early 1970s American war movies took a turn to new direction - Hollywood seemed to be more interested in adventure flicks (in style of Italian low-budget productions) rather than stories based on true events. Films like Too Late the Hero or The Dirty Dozen had more in common with westerns than classic war movies.

In 1942 Lieutenant Sam Lawson of US Navy, interpreter of Japanese language, enjoyed his life in military - sunny beaches and not much to do all day. But his new orders put and end to his lucky streak - he is immediately transferred to New Hebrides to take part in mission prepared by British forces. To make things worse he will have to take part in the risky raid through the jungle in order to attack a Japanese radio station on one of the islands, which is far from what he was planning to do in near future. To reach the target they will have to cross the whole island and hope that they will not be detected by the enemy, which seems unlikely. While the British officers seem to be quite friendly, rest of the unit do not trust Lawson and they would prefer not to take part in the whole operation.

Just like The Dirty Dozen Too Late the Hero uses World War 2 as background to tell an adventure story rather than using actual events as inspiration, which, unfortunately, leads to plenty of really, really poor decisions that make some parts of the movie rather laughable. Nevertheless the whole thing as adventure flick is not that bad - lacks realism, historical accuracy and in some parts common sense, but at the same time is entertaining enough to give it a try.


  • Filmed on Philippines.
  • In reality British forces were never present on New Hebrides during World War 2.
  • Tokyo firms created 400 new Japanese army uniforms for the production.

Too Late the Hero 1970 American war movie world war 2 movies

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