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War and Remembrance 1998 World War 2 TV series

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Continuation of The Winds of War - after attack on Pearl Harbor pulled United States into conflict Pugh Henry and his family, spread all over the world, have to find a way to deal with the war and to find a way of rescuing Natalie.

When United States joined the World War 2 the Henry family was spread around the world - Pugh was given command of USS Northampton cruiser in the Pacific Fleet, his wife Rhoda and daughter were back in United States, one son was US Navy pilot while second, Byron, was serving aboard submarine. Another member of that family was on the other side of the conflict - Byron’s wife Natalie and her uncle, professor Aaron Jastrow, were stuck in Italy after failing to escape aboard a ship. Both are Jewish and as such are not welcome in Germany, to make things worse there is problem with their papers, so they can’t simply leave Europe - Natalie is American through marriage, but could not leave Aaron alone. Aaron’s former pupil, Werner Beck, tries to help professor, but soon it turns out he has his hidden agenda and in fact he is Nazi collaborator. Soon Germans begin to introduce their "final solution" to the Jewish matter, which puts Natalie and Aaron in desperate situation.

Second part of the Herman Wouk story concentrates mostly on Natalie and Aaron, one of the Jews that were trapped in Europe and were victims of Nazi war machine. While War and Remembrance contains a really moving representation how the situation in occupied Europe looked like at the same time rest of the subplots were really forgettable.


  • The producers considered replacing seventy-year-old Robert Mitchum with fifty-nine-year-old James Coburn, due to concerns that Mitchum was too old and ill to reprise the role of Victor "Pug" Henry.

War and Remembrance 1998 World War 2 TV series world war 2 movies

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